By this I mean, do people interested in rum think there is an international anejo style? So far I have had two anejo rums, made relatively far afield: Havana Club's Anejo from Cuba, sourced in Ontario, and one bought in Miami, Ron Abuelo Anejo from Panama. I really like both and they seem quite similar yet with some differences. There seems a hazelnut-like quality to both of them, or perhaps cocoa-like is a better term (aromatic cocoa) with a tangy but tamed cane undertone. Both are blends of different ages with no age statement shown. Abuelo's anejo is paler than the Cuban one and perhaps a tad sweeter but there is something that unites them (beyond the values common to all rum or even all amber rum). I wonder if a common blending style has worked its way around the Islands and adjoining or outlying nations who distill rum.


P.S. I saw an Anejo sold here (Miami) from Bacardi, made in Mexico of course, but did not try it. Would it be similar to those mentioned above?