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Whoa, there. Don't leave me to fend alone with the neglect and insults here! There's much to learn, and you appear to be well on your way to developing an appreciation for bourbon--it is, our course, an acquired taste. Keep in mind there are seasoned bourbon consumers here, some industry experts, and professionals (lawyers, nurse practitioners, computer programmers, etc.). I think Dawn, without malice, was just ribbing you a bit. Hell, she's told me, in uncertain terms, in a chat room that I'm a smart-(|). Take a deep breath and and drink.
Well, I could understand the ribbing if I were acting like I had all the answers, but getting the ribbing for asking a newbie question confused me. Or maybe that was the bourbon that confused me. Regardless, I'll continue my journey and hope that Dawn becomes an acquired taste.

And to address your previous post...I have not tried any Rye Bourbons and will have to put that on my list of the next to try. Thanks for the advice and support.