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    Re: Evan Williams Black or Old Forester?

    Old Forester has hints of citrus (orange peel) I don't find all that great. EW for me.
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    Re: Evan Williams Black or Old Forester?

    Quote Originally Posted by smokinjoe View Post
    I think for me, it would be a push if the OF is 86 proof and the EW is the 7 yr. Nod goes to OF if 100. I have not had the EW since they dropped the age statement. Does anyone notice any significant change in the taste profile since?

    i've tasted them both, side by side and couldnt tell the difference. but it was right when the new bottles came out, and may not had any change yet. anyone else?
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    Re: Evan Williams Black or Old Forester?

    Prob evan Will. Its my main choice but I drink OF quite a bit
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    Re: Evan Williams Black or Old Forester?

    I bought a 1.75 liter of Old Forrester 100 proof once($25). It was the harshest 100 proof bourbon I've tried although I haven't had very many 100+ bourbons. And in fairness it was the least expensive 100 proof I've bought too. It's flavor wasn't overall very appealing to me either but I did get more acquainted to it after a while.

    That being said; for the $16 to $17 that a 1.75 liter of Evan Williams Black can be had for around here, it's my personal "staple" bourbon. Better to me than say - Jim Beam White but not as good as Old Grand Dad BIB or Wild Turkey 101. Since it costs less than even the Jim Beam White it has great versatility drinking it straight or in mixers.



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