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    Re: Ken. Spirit Vs. Blanton's

    Here's my take:

    Kentucky Spirit > Blantons

    But I think a better comparison would be Kentucky Spirit & Rock Hill Farms, in which case:

    Rock Hill Farms > Kentucky Spirit > Blantons

    All based on the 1 bottle of each that I've had, so YMMV

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    Post Re: Ken. Spirit Vs. Blanton's

    Hmmm, I love them both.

    While I definitely see the point that Kentucky Spirit is richer, I think I give a slight nod to Blanton's for its elegance and flavor. I detect earthy or musty notes in Kentucky Spirit that are somewhat off-putting. I detect light, citrusy notes in Blanton's that are delightful.

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    Re: Ken. Spirit Vs. Blanton's

    Love 'em both... Blanton's for the citrusy notes and delightfully dry finish. Spirit fot the no-nonsense, straight-forward "rye-ness".
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    Re: Ken. Spirit Vs. Blanton's

    Had you asked me 2-3 years ago, I would have chuckled a bit and claimed Blanton's. It was the best whisky I had encountered.

    Today, it is a close call, but WTKS takes a bow mostly due to the higher proof.

    I hope that BT and WT continue to market Single Barrel expressions for the debate to continue.
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    Re: Ken. Spirit Vs. Blanton's

    Several months ago, a few buddies and I did a blind test with these 2 bourbon's. Each of us chose the Blanton's. The Blanton's was smoother and we all thought the Kentucky Spirit was a little rough with the first sip. The higher proof was very evident.
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    Re: Ken. Spirit Vs. Blanton's

    I picked up a bottle of Kentucky Spirit. WOW, it's great. The nose is spectacular. The tase builds from smooth to complex, no doubt that there's more Rye influence, with streaks of corn (of course) and a tobacco-oaky spice finish. Just Great. I will eventually try Blanton's, and I'm sure I'll appreciate it also! Thanks, everyone.

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    Re: Ken. Spirit Vs. Blanton's

    That's a tough one for me, but I'd say WTKS wins by a nose only because I enjoy higher rye content bourbons. Blanton's is a great pour I always have an open bottle in my cabinet.

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