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Thread: Smooth

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    Re: Smooth

    FWIW, for me "smooth" has nothing to do with the presence or absence of alchohol burn. Rather it describes a bourbon that is well balanced with no discordant "notes" In other words, an overall balance of the smell, taste elements, finish, and mouth feel.
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    Re: Smooth

    I have actually been very unsure about the expression smooth. The word doesnít come in the Swedish language. The way I have interpreted it itís the opposite of punchy and punchy donít necessary have to be lot of alcohol burn to me. It can as well be heavy normal bourbon flavours presented in an aggressive way. I do with a few exceptions prefer punchy before smooth.
    To explain what I mean I take a coupe of examples: Of the2 WT brands RB and RR101 I do consider RB very smooth and RR101very punchy.
    Of the Staggs I have tasted (2004and later) I do consider all punchy with the 131.8 on top except the fall 2005 with I find much smoother in comparison and also my least liked.
    But as I said: I am still unsure.

    Swedish lover of American whiskey



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