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Thread: Infused Bourbon

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    Infused Bourbon

    First, let me say that I love to drink some of the Bourbons mentioned here straight. However, I was impressed by a fig infused Bourbon I had recently at a bar. Has anyone here experimented with infusions? Any suggestions for infusion recipes?

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    Re: Infused Bourbon

    Only infused bourbon that I have experience with, is a recipe from Woodford Reserve for a candy cane infused. I saw it over the Holidays, and made a very small batch of it. Not bad at all. It fit the Season.


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    Re: Infused Bourbon

    Cherry infused bourbon is seen at a few bars around Louisville (or it used to be, been a while since I bothered to look for any)
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    Re: Infused Bourbon

    The closest I've seen to what you mentioned are the Phillips Union Whiskies which come in cherry and vanilla but they are only 70 proof so it's technically not bourbon. I don't see any brands that make this, is this something you have to make yourself? Cherry infused bourbon sounds really good to me. I still have not tried the candy cane bourbon but I have some candy canes still laying around from x-mas so I'll have it one of these days!

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    Re: Infused Bourbon

    I infuse some JB Black with mint for use in whiskey sours in the summertime.
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    Re: Infused Bourbon

    The candy cane thing is really easy. You just throw the candy into the bottle and shake it from time to time. When the candy has completely dissolved, it's ready.

    Phillips Union's two flavored expressions are classified as Flavored Whiskey, which can be as low as 70 proof. I have it on good authority that the Phillips Union is mostly Canadian whiskey with just a little bit of bourbon. In addition to the two flavored expressions, they also have an all-whiskey expression that is 80 proof.

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    Re: Infused Bourbon

    I had a sample of the Phillips Union cherry-flavord whiskey one time at Binny's, and while I thought it was good, I'd rather make my Manhattans with rye.
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    Re: Infused Bourbon

    I have made lots of Maraschino Cherry Infused bourbon. Makes a great Manhattan. I've also made Cranberry-Orange, pineapple, peach and coffee bean infused bourbon.
    None were bad. The fruit ones are very good OTR on a summer day. I used the coffee infused bourbon in a marinade and it was great.
    I've also used a small amount of bourbon to infuse vanilla beans, but the vanilla bourbon that results makes great Irish Coffee.
    Experiment away.
    A few suggestions. Rinds on citrus and pineapple can make the infusion bitter. Remove them.
    The smaller the fruit pieces the faster the infusion reaches equilibrium.
    Save the fruit and use it.
    Last but not least. Cranberries do not infuse unless you pop them in boiling water for few minutes. I added a little sugar to that. (Kind of like a two minute cranberry sauce)
    Good Luck.
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