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Thread: Time to refill

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    Time to refill

    My "bunker" is down to 1/3 bottle of Bookers, 1/4 bottle of Eagle Rare 10yo, 1/2 bottle of Evan Williams Single Barrell, and 1/2 bottle of Pappy Van Winkel 20yo. I have pretty much been drinking only the EWSB for a while because (a) I have no interest in finishing the OPVW anytime soon and (b) I know once I dig into the Eagle Rare and Bookers again, I won't care much for the EWSB as it's only 80 proof...

    So, if you had $100 to spend to refill your bunker, what would you spend it on? My favorite bourbon is Elijah Craig 18yo, followed closely by Blantons. I really like Eagle Rare 10yo. I didn't care much for Wild Turkey 101. I detest Jim Beam White and found Woodford Reserve to be bland, boring, and overpriced.

    Pricing: Maker's Mark, ETL, Elijah Craig 12yo, WT 101 - all of these are around $20. I can also get Eagle Rare 10yo for $20 if I go to the right place. Blantons is $40, Bookers is $42, OPVW was $70. This should at least give you a way to guestimate the price of your suggestions.

    Help me refill my bunker!

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    Re: Time to refill

    $100? Not sure of pricing or availability in your area, but you should be able to get these for around that much:

    OGD 114
    Weller Antique
    Wild Turkey Rye
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    Re: Time to refill

    Given your preferences I'd plump for 2 bottles of the Eagle Rare, or substitute an ETL for one ER. Then get another Elijah Craig 18 for your Heavan Hill fix. That's about $30, for a total of around $75. A Weller Centennial would add a wheater, and the best one around I know of, and would only put you back about five bucks over your limit.

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    Re: Time to refill

    Quote Originally Posted by mythrenegade View Post
    ...I know once I dig into the Eagle Rare and Bookers again, I won't care much for the EWSB as it's only 80 proof...
    The EWSB is 86.6 proof, in the ballpark with both Pappy 20 (90.4) and Eagle Rare SB (90). Not saying you shouldn't prefer the others, only that -- except for the Booker's -- proof shouldn't be much of a factor.

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    Re: Time to refill

    Quote Originally Posted by mythrenegade View Post
    My "bunker" is down to .....
    A "bunker" here refers to an "unopened stashe" of things you like or have collected. For example....we love Pappy 15....I have quite a few of them in the bunker Actually, it's a closet....with lots of bourbon in it

    What you're referring to is your current open bottles. And my advise.....if you love EC18 and Blantons.....but 'em. Use any money you have left over to try something new. If you didn't love it....don't buy it again until you've tasted your way through everything available in your area.


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    Re: Time to refill

    By all means, get a bottle of ETL. It is awesome bourbon!


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    Re: Time to refill

    8 bottles of Rittenhouse Rye BIB.


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    Re: Time to refill

    PVW 15 - $48.99
    Weller 107 x 3 - $50.85 ($16.95 per)

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    Re: Time to refill

    My buying strategy is based first on $$$ then on what I like. For me it's not common to have a chunk of money to spend, but when I do I always try and get something I typically can't afford to replace frequently like Stagg or Bookers then I round it out with something new to try, or something I know I like and will finish relatively quickly but can replace next payday.
    I can't afford to replace those $50 bottles (Bookers, Stagg, VW, RHF) as often as I would like so I get them when I can!
    I look a lot at what people like here and try to find some new things to try that does not break my bank. I really enjoy the OGD BIB and it is one of the best flavor for the $$$ bottles I have tried. I also enjoy many of the WL Weller bottles, which are a good value to me as well.
    Me, of the bottles you listed, I would get a Bookers, an ETL, a Makers and an EC 12.
    When I buy multiple bottles I always try and put something new on the shelf that I have never tried.




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