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    Re: Could a Time Capsule Liquor Store Exist?

    I've pondered the time capsule store idea before, too.

    More specifically, I've pondered two liquor stores in the old part of downtown that have been boarded up, as nearly as I can tell, for 20 years or more. And yes, I've looked for clues.

    I do wonder if the inventory is still there, especially since a local store I (sort of) frequent that recently moved left a bunch of inventory in the old locale, apparently (according to the manager) stock that didn't sell well. He says they don't know if they'll move it...makes me feel like there has to be a store somewhere that just got boarded and left, full of sweet nectar.

    Oh, and the Twilight Zone rules.

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    Re: Could a Time Capsule Liquor Store Exist?

    I remember reading some time ago about the UN buffer zone that runs through Nicosia, Cyprus and separates the Greek from the Turkish Cypriots. Apparently it was abandoned or evacuated in great haste, and shops stand fully stocked as they were in 1974. Or at least they did when this news article was written.

    I suppose there is something similar around Chernoble. Probably very little bourbon or rye in either place, though.

    "One never knows, do one?" Fats Waller, American Musician, 1904-1943

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    Re: Could a Time Capsule Liquor Store Exist?

    Philip K. Dick is, in my humble opinion, incorrectly categorized as a writer of "science fiction," although I know there is no other category into which he conveniently fits. Rather, he was a lightning rod of what I prefer to call "sociofiction." His works and his worlds are populated not by gadgets and gizmos, but instead by shifts -- sometimes ever so slight -- in the fabric of the social world. Though I doubt anyone would describe PKD as a master wordsmith, he imagined worlds not far from ours, magical, dangerous, and worthy of contemplation lest we arrive there unaware. You owe yourself a read.
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