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    The Price of Corn


    Here's an interesting article about the increased demand for corn and the ensuing increase in price. The price for a bushel of corn has doubled over the past two years. Since corn and its byproducts are so pervasive in our food, prices will naturally rise

    As for bourbon, I wonder if these increased costs will be passed on immediately, or after the product has aged? I'm guessing sooner rather than later.

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    Re: The Price of Corn

    Well, it should be the latter.

    This may be an opportunity to make more whiskey from rye although maybe its price is rising too (but as fast?).

    I don't know though what proportion of a whiskey's cost is resident in the components of a mash, it may be relatively small.


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    Re: The Price of Corn

    Over 2/3 of the price of a bottle is taxes in the U.S. and a whole lot more other places it seems.
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