Is it conceivable from a business standpoint for distillers to sell off brands currently in their portfolio and other distillers take over manufacture of the brand? From a taste standpoint, how difficult would it be to maintain a similar profile in a new location? I have never had the opportunity to taste classic Old Crow or OGD to experience how these brands may have changed with change of ownership.

I could envision a distiller acquiring cheap brands much the way Pabst Brewing Company acquired a wealth of cheap beers (Schaefer, Old Milwaukee, PBR, Old Style, Schlitz, Stroh's etc.) By my thinking this distiller would probably thus aim more for profit by volume, leaving the distillers manufacturing premium brands to fill the profit by mark-up role. Could we see a single distiller carving out a niche by manufacturing the likes of Ten High, Early Times, Ancient Age, and Old Crow or have I been thinking too hard?