I would like to extend an invitation to SB members to enjoy a 2-3 hr, scenic cruise, aboard the Riverboat Jubilee, on Bantam Lake, Connecticut, at some point and time during a warm afternoon this spring or summer of 2007. This would be an informal BYOBourbon event, most likely on a Saturday. There is no cost for use of the boat or captain, except he will be drinking as much as the rest of you. The Jubilee can hold 25+ passengers and can be viewed by going to www.americansternwheel.org/main.htm and then clicking on Boats of the ASA, ASA Boat Directory of Paddlewheel boats and then clicking on Jubilee. If there is any interest we can then discuss bringing, purchasing, barbecueing and cooking large quantities of food to wash down some fine bourbons with. Other beverages will be allowed, but must be kept out of view, cigars are welcome. We can also discuss a longer voyage to include some recoup. time if all are in agreement. There are no fees for parking at pick-up location and there are hotels and campgrounds for anyone needing to stay longer or I can offer a bench, a blanket, a life jacket pillow and coffee in the morning. Scott