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Spring has finally sprung, and in the spirit (pun intended) of renewal we will be taking a look at some relatively new and innovative bourbons that have recently come to market. This month's choice is: William Larue Weller barrel-proof wheated bourbon.
While it seems that some wheated bourbons have a reputation for being somewhat bland, I would have to say that NONE of those bland ones belong to the Weller family.

The Sazerac company's ability to tap into what is quickly becoming lasting trends, as well as a well-rounded product portfolio and excellent marketing, have put them at the forefront of the high-end bourbon market, and rightfully so.

On that note, I think I'll crack open this bottle of WLW as soon as I finish my Ezra B. and my Eagle Rare 17. So, give it about a week!

I still have to find that pesky GTS and Sazerac 18, though...