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    Canadian Club 20 year old

    I was in a Duty-Free store yesterday and they had 2 bottles of Canadian Club 20 year old. I have not seen this before, and it was priced around US$60, and I was wondering if it was worth it. The back label had Japanese writing on it, which made me think it was another uber aged japan thing. Has anyone tried this before?

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    Re: Canadian Club 20 year old

    I have. It is a good product with a "cigar box" intensity of nose and flavor. It is still very much in the Canadian whisky style but deep flavored and good tasting. I don't think you would be disappointed. In Canada (where only intermittently available) it is about $40.


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    Re: Canadian Club 20 year old

    Wow. I had not heard or seen of this before! Now I have to get myself a bottle! Anyone seen any in Calgary???



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