I was perusing ebay and looking at some of the items for sale (bourbon) and came across an item that stated of the PVW15:

"Pappy Van Winkle`s 15 year Family Reserve. This is Bourbon is not currently in production and it is impossible to find; it is unknown if or when it will ever be released again"

My question to the seller was:

"Not that you need to respond, but I read with interest your statement that this bourbon is out of production and impossible to find. How can you state that when it is in production and not impossible to find?"

Doesn't ebay have some sort of policy on making false statements when adverstising items for sale? I'm not an expert on ebay as I rarely sell anything on it, but this statement is obviously misleading.

The ebay seller has many bourbon items for sale but one in particular stood out....VSOF 12 year. I purchased a bottle of this from Binny's for around $34. This seller is selling it for $149!

I'm sure there are International buyers that can't get some of the fine products we enjoy here in the U.S. and purchase items off of ebay, but good grief.....$149?