Happen to stop over to Beltramos and bought a bottle of PVW23/A1136. It was not on display but after talking to the clerk about how he bought the last bottle of PVW15 yesterday, I started to ask him what else he has back there . Unfortunately, this bottle had a hairline crack in the wax about half around.

Swing over to K&L where I was invited to a private bourbon tasting and study group hosted by Tom Bulleit!! I had a very good discussion and lesson from Tom and tried the Bulleit Bourbon, which tasted very good for the price. I enjoyed it a lot more than the Wathen which I don't like at all and cost twice as much. I bought a bottle and Tom signed it to me!

Then later swung by a place that I picked up in my Garmin M5, and with only a hunch started driving and gave them a call to confirm that they had a wide selection of bourbon. I had to drive through deep canyon and curvy road to an amazing store with the biggest selection ever (many times bigger than Ledger's). I found some of the bottles I have been looking for except for the wax top Hirsch. I came out with a bottle of PVW23(#122!!! Had a note that it was one of the earlier bottle and had a higher price but I was able to pay regular price), two bottle of ORVW15 (yes ORVW and barrel#8 selected by this store), and in the back of the very top of the shelf all dusty a Four Roses yellow label. I really wanted to buy another bottle of PVW20 so I can drink one and keep one in the bunker, but their PVW20 was about $130. So I decided to skip it and maybe drink the PVW23 I bought from Beltramos and bunker the other two away.

The good news is that now I can keep drinking my PVW15 and once the opportunity comes, I will open up one of the PVW23. Sadly, all my friends are cognac or wine drinker that I am trying to convert to bourbon. Itíll be sad to open and drink the PVW23 all by myself.