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    Roommates and Bourbon

    Hello, John and Julie were Roommates. John decided one day to invite his mother over to meet Julie. Johns mom could not help but notice how lovely Julies was and how much she and John seemed to like each other. John sensing his mothers concerns assured his mother that he and Julie were just roommates. A couple days after his mom left Julie says to John, Ever since your mother was here I can not find your bottle of 20yr Pappy Family Reserve. do you think your mother took the bottle. John said he would ask here. So John sent a mbx to his mother. Dear Mom I am not saying your took my bottle of 20yr Pappy and I am not saying you did not. But the fact remains ever since your were here the bottle is missing. A couple days were by and John received this mbx from his mother. Dear John. I am not saying your sleeping with Julie and I am not saying your not sleeping with her. But the fact remains if Julie was sleeping in her own bed she would have found your bottle of 20n yr Pappy by now. Love Mom. Enjoy Creggor.

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    Re: Roommates and Bourbon

    Just shows that you should be very, very careful with your 20yr Pappy Family Reserve...

    Dennis Klindrup
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