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    Re: Wild Turkey 17 YO?

    I guess everyone on this site is really in the know , but I will post this anyway. If you go to Wild Turkey's web page they have a little 15 question test you fill out and they will send you a Rare Breed baseball cap! If you dont know the answers they will refer you to a series of articles that you can read and find the answers. I guess if I wanted to really be helpful I could have posted the answers. Jimmy Russell started in 1954, That's all I'm giving away.

    Bobby Cox

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    Re: Wild Turkey 17 YO?

    Tim - Just got back on the internet and read all the posts. As stated in the post it all went to Japan. People have different opinions on what it sells for and so do I. I have one bottle and paid dearly for it, but it was still cheaper than a round-trip ticket to Japan! Anyone wanting to secure a bottle - don't be surprised when you do find it - it will be about $350 to $500, and this is not BS. But then again, we only live once!



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