This is a rather hard-to-find red vermouth - but if you like Manhattan-family cocktails (or anything else that calls for red vermouth) and you can get your hands on a bottle, it's well worth the effort to track it down. It doesn't have the bitter punch of their Punt e Mes, but it's superb.

Earlier tonight, I mixed a Cocktail a la Louisiane with Noilly Prat red vermouth and Baby Saz, using up the last of the N-P in the process. Then, it was time to uncork the Antica Formula. I mixed another Louisiane with Baby Saz, using the newly opened Carpano.

While N-P is a fine red vermouth, the Carpano is in the same league with Vya. There's an extra zip to it - a bit more spice than sweetness. I'm now glad that it comes in liter bottles!