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    The newest Willett family estate Rye

    Just picked up my one and only bottle from Ledger's in Berkeley. Big thanks go out to Doug, Drew, and Neil. Cheers!

    I probably won't open it for a while as I have my older bottle (the first issue) to finish. I've been taking my time with that one. Roger popped one open at his place last saturday during our study group. I don't know why I didn't go for a taste then, I think I was too full or only sticking with the wheaters by that point.

    Anyhow, some questions regarding the label: The bottle amount (x out of 216), barrel number (8), location (warehouse G, rick N4), and date of distillate (4/10/1984) are clearly different from the first 22 year-old straight rye (I forget the stats on that one), but being close to one year later now the age statement and proof are exactly the same (22y.o. at 68.35%, 136.7 proof).

    My guess is that it was actually bottled this year before April 10th. So it's still considered 22 years-old. The same proof puzzles me though. Was it the same by sheer coincidence?

    p.s. By the way, for any local folk, Ed Ledger recently got in some Pappy 20 and 23. He also dropped the price for the first Willett. I'm not sure if he ships to other states though.
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