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Thread: ETL in KC?

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    Re: ETL in KC?

    Yeah, Gomers and Berbiglia are also quite good, and farther north. If you are looking for something pretty common, the Costco on Linwood is cheap.

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    Re: ETL in KC?

    I frequent Red-X in Riverside. Pretty good selection. Awesome wine selection also with great prices.

    If any of you live in Johnson County, there is a liquor/wine store on Shawnee Mission Pkwy on the north side of the road, pretty close to 435 (across the street from Hy-Vee). I think the intersection is Lackman. Anyway, stopped in there the other day, and they had a Bulleit package including two Bulleit glasses for $15. Normally, it's around $23 w/o the glasses. I might have to make another trip and stock up if they still have some. Also had some Van Winkle for $41 (don't remember the specifics, was in a bit of a hurry).

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    Re: ETL in KC?

    Seems to me that I bought my last bottle of ETL at Royal Liquors, 103rd and State Line. But it's been a while.
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