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    What About Evan Williams?

    I recently bought a bottle of Evan Williams. It was the cheapest Bourbon I ever bought--about $9.00 for a fifth. It only said "aged" on the bottle. But from what I read here, Bourbon must be aged at least 2 years to be called real Bourbon. I thought it was OK, but not the best I had. I'd like to know what others think of this brand. And why is it so cheap?

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    Re: What About Evan Williams?

    I like Evan Williams Single Barrel. I've never had any of the cheaper stuff. EWSB isn't too much money, between $20 and $25 around here. It is very smooth, but I wish it was a higher proof. It's like 86 or so, and when you taste it next to Knob Creek or even Eagle Rare it tastes a bit light.

    Still, the product is good. If you like the basic Evan Williams, give the higher lines a try!

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    Re: What About Evan Williams?

    I think the EWSB is a very good pour for the money. $23 here in VA.
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    Re: What About Evan Williams?

    I don't mind Evan Williams - it's an ok occasional pour, but I really like Evan Williams Single Barrel. It's priced to compete with Makers Mark here in Australia, so it's a good mid-priced bourbon.

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    Re: What About Evan Williams?

    Until about two years ago, maybe less, Evan Williams black label was at least seven years old and said so on the label. Due to a variety of factors, they decided to drop the age statement. To be called "bourbon" the whiskey has to be aged, but the regs don't say how long, and there is a bourbon on the market now that's only aged 3 months. After 2 years you can call it straight bourbon. More important, though, is that anything younger than 4 years must state the age on the label somewhere (usually it's as inconspicuous as possible). Since there is no age statement on EW black, it is at least four years old and, in fact, most likely is five or six years old, maybe even seven or more, or is a mixture of whiskeys between four and seven or more years old. If whiskeys of different ages are used, the labeling rules apply to the youngest in the mix.

    Anyway, EW black is priced to be below Jack black and at or below the price of Jim Beam. It is priced to be a mass market, high volume product.

    I think most people regard EW black as a solid, acceptable, popular-priced bourbon. It is Heaven Hill's top selling whiskey and their flagship product.

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    Re: What About Evan Williams?

    I'd say Heaven Hill's stuff is one of the best values in bourbon today. They understand the fact that not everyone who enjoys good whiskey has a lot of cash to throw around. Evan Williams and Evan Williams 10 yr are two of my favorite everyday whiskies.

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    Re: What About Evan Williams?

    I agree, but I think EWBL isn't quite as good as some years ago (i.e., is less matured). Fortunately, the HH stable offers many options.




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