I'll be traveling to St. Paul soon, and I'm looking for ideas on where to buy whiskey and beer. I think, from reading old threads, that the dusties have likely been picked over (I won't have a lot of time to seek them out anyway). I'm more interested in products I can't get here in TX, such as Rittenhouse BIB, and things that are overpriced here for no apparent reason, such as ETL. Are than any other regional bourbons/ryes that I should be looking for? And where should I be looking? My understanding is that Surdyk's in Minneapolis is good, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to get over there or not. Also, as noted above, I'm after good beer: Bell's is my main target, but there are many other regional craft brews I'll be trying to pick up and/or sample during the trip. Any good beer store recommendations?