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Here are pics of a couple of new toys I've added to my brewery:

The Barley Crusher will allow me to crush my own grain, and not be dependent on my LHBS for the crush. Also it will allow me to purchase malt in bulk (55lb sacks) at significantly reduced prices.

My new fermentation cooler is made from a 60qt Ice Cube cooler that I got from Wal-Mart for $20. I cut a couple of holes in the lid to allow the carboy mouth and air-lock to stick through. I'll load it with a few freezer-packs and change them out daily. This will allow me to maintain proper fermentation temps all year long. I would prefer a dedicated refrigerator, but Leslie is only so tolerant

To the right of the closed cooler is my little Centennial plant starting to grow!
I'm impressed with your dedication to the art of home brewing. I don't allow myself the time the process takes to build a beer from scratch more than once a year. I content myself with doctored kits; but still produce good results with same. Where do you buy your hops to grow your own? That would be excellent.