Hey all!

I was hoping maybe you could help me out. I'm in Oklahoma City, and due to our local laws the bourbon availability here is somewhat limited. I'm in Dallas quite often for work, so I usually just stock up on the things that I can't get here (namely Buffalo Trace, but also others) and bring it back with me.

So in a few weeks we're going on vacation. We're driving to Dallas for the weekend, then flying out to San Francisco for a week, back in to Dallas, then driving home. We arrive back in Dallas on a Sunday, so I can't stop by a package store on the way home (Dallas liquor stores are closed on Sunday, right?) If I bought several bottles on Saturday and kept them in the trunk of the car for a week while I was gone, would they change substantially from the heat? I'll be using covered parking, so the car shouldn't get much direct sunlight, but I feel sure it will be above room temperature.

I'm not so much concerned about the Buffalo Trace, because it tends to be reasonably inexpensive, but I would prefer not to buy some more expensive or specialty bottlings if they're going to go all wonky from sitting in a warm car.

Any thoughts you folks have are much appreciated!