"CHARLESTON, W.Va. (AP) - Everclear nights are over on West Virginia campuses. State liquor authorities are banning the sale of 190-proof grain alcohol. Officials say they're responding to concerns of college officials, law enforcement and community groups. The high-octane booze is popular among students, who pour it into party mixes. One university official says the only reason to drink anything 190-proof is to get very drunk, very fast. But students won't have to give up their Jello-shots. West Virginia liquor stores can still sell 151-proof grain alcohol."

Though I recall Chicago and some other big cities banning it ostensibly for its use in the manufacture of crack cocaine, clearly other jurisdictions have restricted availability due to concerns about alcohol poisoning and other abuse.

There are legitimate uses for 190 proof GNS, even some involving beverages, but there is also widespread abuse of the stuff and the fundamental dumbness is that people think there is some macho cred to be had for drinking the "strongest" drink.

Yes, you can take a sip or two of 190 proof GNS and it won't hurt you, but to actually drink the stuff is suicide. Not suicide as euphemism, like eating a really hot pepper sauce, but suicide as "an act intended to cause your own death." If you start diluting it then, fine, you've made vodka.

But consider this statement from the AP story above: "One university official says the only reason to drink anything 190-proof is to get very drunk, very fast." That's the ignorant part. I maintain that you can get just as drunk just as fast drinking 100 proof bourbon. My authority on this point is impeccable. You gain nothing in intoxication onset speed or in intoxication severity by drinking 190 proof spirit instead of 100 proof spirit.

You can even kill yourself drinking 100 proof bourbon, if that is your intention. You don't even really need Everclear for that.

So I'm not ready to go to the barricades to keep 190 proof GNS in every liquor store in America.

"Yes, but, this one goes to 11."