Hello all,

I am purchasing a bottle of PVW20 as well as bottles of Bookers and Lot B. The PVW20 will cost me $82.50; the Bookers $57 (I think) and Lot B for $40.

Currently, I live in CT. Does anyone know if these are good prices, in general, not necessarily based on my location?

To me, the Bookers sounded a bit high (I was thinking low $50's) but the PVW 20 and Lot B I thought were very good prices.

What do you all think.

Thanks for the help.


Mark Brown
Novice Bourbon Enthusiast'

Edit: By the way, I have a bottle of VW Rye 13 year coming my way today. I believe I paid $78, with shipping $85.85. Is this price too high?