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    Re: BOTM, 6/07: Jim Beam Black

    I personally dont care for it, while a cheap price and not undrinkable, for just a couple of more bucks gets you weller 12 year, buffalo trace, old charter 10 year, which I find JBBL doesnt hold a candle to. Only my opinion and nothing more. That said, I do like the idea of exploring affordable bourbon. It may be a mind trick, but anything under 90 proof never quite gets my goat...at least it isnt neutered 80 proof like the current Rebel Yell.


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    Re: BOTM, 6/07: Jim Beam Black

    I must just have a great area. Between three different stores that carry liquor, one of them always has Beam Black on sale for 12.99-13.99 and the same goes for Wild Turkey 101.

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    Re: BOTM, 6/07: Jim Beam Black


    I tried to order this once, but when I ordered "Beam Black" they poured me a glass of Jack Daniels Single Barrell. I didn't complain :-)

    I would love to know where some of you who like it rank this in comparison to Knob Creek and JBW. I've never bought it because in general I don't care for bourbon under 90 proof and Knob Creek is typically around $22 in these parts...

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    Re: BOTM, 6/07: Jim Beam Black

    I've always said it's an 86 proof version of Booker's more than it resembles Knob Creek.

    Actually, I haven't always said that. I used to say it was 90 proof version of Booker's.

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    Re: BOTM, 6/07: Jim Beam Black

    JBB is what started me on the path of bourbon appreciation. I was drinking margeritas and tequila pretty exclusively, but picked up a bottle of JBB because it included a flask. A funny thing happened, I liked it. Prior to that, the only whiskey I drank was Jack Daniel's.

    Ironically (I guess) is that I have not bought another bottle of JBB since that first one. The next bottle I bought was BT (same price in PA basically) and I fell in love. I now drink BT as my regular pour, and expand to more premium brands for variety and I'll buy EC12 for economy (and poker night).

    I think with it being BOTM, I may have to return to the beginning (with at least a small bottle) and remind myself where it all began (and see if I still like it as much as I did the first time).

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    Re: BOTM, 6/07: Jim Beam Black

    I've always loved JB Black's bubble-gum nose (of course, I used to spend my 50-cent allowance on 10 packs of Topps trading cards in order to cop the bubble-gum slabs to chew during Little League games. Boy, does that date me!). Lovely color -- what I call bourbon-gold. The subtle entry works to its advantage -- I tend to take in a larger-than-usual mouthful (there's almost no sense of alcohol here) before rolling it back on the palate, so I get a full range of flavors all at once: mild black licorice dominates for me, accompanied by some of that bubble-gum flavor and some wood tannins. It's not the most complex flavor set out there, but it's integrated very well. I like it.
    Now, I've liked the old 7yo/90 proof, Beam Black 8yo/90, and Beam Black 101-Month even better, but I can live with this at its price point.
    Sure, there are 2-3 dozen bourbons I like better, but they're only available here in the house, or at SB.com gatherings. I'd be glad to see this on a commercial back bar.

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    Thumbs up Re: BOTM, 6/07: Jim Beam Black

    Quote Originally Posted by snakster View Post
    I may have to return to the beginning (with at least a small bottle) and remind myself where it all began

    Thatís a great idea!!! I think Iím going to visit my beginning alsoÖJBW.

    Screw the small bottle however; Iím going for 1.75L! My memory lane is a long trip.


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    Re: BOTM, 6/07: Jim Beam Black

    JBB is a good solid pour for me - and if I'm traveling and find myself sans bottle in an area with limited selection, it's a go-to.

    That being said, I can pick up KC at Costco for just a few bucks more than what I'd pay at Binny's for JBB.
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    Re: BOTM, 6/07: Jim Beam Black

    Had just finished a bottle of 1792 when I opened a brand new bottle of JBBL. I much prefer the Black to the White. JBBL reminds me of my first "real" car not some polished new SUV or a high performance, high speed low drag sports car of today, or even my grandpa's old polished Caddie. JBBL to me is a long ride in my old 70 Chevelle, windows down, Thin Lizzy blasting out "The boys are back in town." Heading to "The Scotsman" a now defunct drive in place for a Vanilla Coke.

    Not a sophisticated pour, nice and caramel-ly (like I prefer) and at a great price point. I dig it.
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    Re: BOTM, 6/07: Jim Beam Black

    I keep a bottle at home for the occasional guest. But I almost never drink any. When I want something Beam (not a very frequent occurrence) I reach for Booker's. It has been remarked many times by different members how JBB resembles Booker's at 86 proof. To my taste they are close but JBB has a certain fruity (overly ripe pears) quality I find a bit distracting.

    Curiously, I can't think of any bars or restaurants that stock JBB. If they did I might drink it more often, opting for it instead of other less appealing choices. Knob Creek shows up more often and in places I wouldn't expect it to. I wonder what gives.

    I have been meaning to dig out the JBB from the back of the hutch and try an Old Fashioned made with it. The "fruity quality" might make for a good cocktail, but I haven't gotten around to it.



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