Since the forums have been pretty dead for the past few days, I thought I would ask a general question to try to stir up some discussion. What is your everyday pour?

I have two moderately priced and two fairly inexpensive bourbons that I go to, time after time.

First and foremost, Rare Breed ($31 at Alabama ABC store). Many of you probably know it is my very favorite bourbon, so damn the expense, I pour it whenever I want to. Extremely rich flavor and body.

Second, Knob Creek (normally $32 per 750 ml, but I managed to get a 1.75 L on sale for $47 in November). Excellent flavor that I liken to VSOP cognac. Pleasantly woody. Lots of different flavors come across. A great drink.

My economical (but, not cheap) choices are Old Forester 100 proof ($15.49) and Elijah Craig 12 yr-old ($16). The OF is almost exactly the same as Woodford Reserve (just a tad less smooth) at half the price. And the EC is my very favorite of the Heaven Hill offerings, with a beautiful maple-syrup aroma and flavor but mysteriously not the least bit sweet. EC is my favorite "warm me up" drink on a cold fall or winter evening.

How about you?