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Thread: Ol Grand Dad

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    Re: Ol Grand Dad

    I really like the OGD 114. Excellent bourbon.

    As for the loss of the 100 proof bourbons, I am wondering if the increase in demand for fine bourbon has resulted in the reduced proof. There is a limited supply of aged bourbon in the world, and the only choices are to stretch the supply or raise the price. It appears that they are stretching the supply by reducing proof to 90 or so on a lot of bourbons.

    I have found that I don't like bourbon below 90 proof. EWSB isn't bad, but I prefer the full flavor of a higher proof bourbon, particularly because I generally like it on the rocks.

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    Re: Ol Grand Dad

    Quote Originally Posted by bluesbassdad View Post

    Is the article re: BIB that you wrote for Malt Advocate available online?

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    As far as I know, no.



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