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    Found a huge stash of grandfathers bourbon

    First off would like to intorduce my self. My name is Rick from Boston. Recently cleaning out granparents house found HUGE stash of un opened Bourbons and Whiskies and some Scotch in my granfathers "secret room". About 25 hand made crates with unopened bottles from 1950'-1970's. Roughly about 200 bottles!!!! Brands such as Old Grand Dad, Fleischmann's 90%proof,John Crabbie (8year old 86% proof),Old Forester (86%proof), Black & White (scotch),Teachers Highland Cream Scotch Whiskey, Philadelphia 8rs old,ect... ALL of these are sealed unopened and from anywhere from 1950-1970. The bottles are BRAND new! I dont know where he got them or why he had them. But I was wondering if anyone could shed any light on what they might be worth or if they are still good to consume. ANY help would be much appreciated!!!

    Kindest Regards,
    -Rick in Boston
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