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Thread: Bunker Buster

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    Bunker Buster

    I’m trying not to go overboard and spend a bunch of money (at once) on bourbon. I thought I would build my bunker up slowly. I just bought a bottle of Wild Turkey RB yesterday so I could bunker it for a “special” occasion. I told myself I would not open the bottle till then. Well, as I type this post I keep glancing at the bottle of RB. The heavenly nectar in the bottle is calling out to me. I’m starting to feel sad because I know I’m not going to have the discipline to resist for more then a few days. I’m just starting out on my endeavor to collect bourbon, so the new purchase is part of the beginning foundations of my bunker and the Turkey is already in danger of being gobbled!!!

    I’ve been drinking bourbon for many years, but the concept of stashing bottles away for a long time is a little alien to me. It seems like “alcohol abuse” to leave a bottle unopened for a long time.

    …I’m looking at it again…the lovely hues…liquid candy…I’m in trouble.

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