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Thread: Bunker Buster

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    Re: Bunker Buster

    No, it was a different store. Through a contact, I was able to query the ABC office and ask how many Stagg's were left in VA and where they were located. The answer I got back was 10 bottles left, 7 in Merrifield and 3 somewhere near Emporia. Well, I visited the Merrifield store since it's only about 4 miles from my work and they only had 4 left. The ones in Emporia will have to stay there until someone there in Southern VA picks them up.
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    Re: Bunker Buster

    Aha. Well, nice score!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hyperspace View Post
    I’m just starting out on my endeavor to collect bourbon, so the new purchase is part of the beginning foundations of my bunker and the Turkey is already in danger of being gobbled!!!
    I cracked... it’s open. I'm drinking the bottle of WTRB (WT-03RB). It's the second bottle that I've tried of the stuff. I'm VERY impressed with how smooth it is. I can't believe it's 108.2 proof. I know I've not tried a lot of the top shelf brands, but of the bourbons I’ve had...this is hands down the best!!! My #1 right now...nectar of the gods!



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