...and I saw 9 bottles of PVW20!!!! Wow, I thought this stuff was get scarse, but not at this liquor store. Also, four of the bottles were in a red, velvet bag. I have only seen the PVW23 come in a velvet bag and that was black, I believe.

Anyway, while standing there looking at the bourbons, I came across this Whiskey hand book (Whiskey Bible) so I decided to look up some whiskeys to check their ratings. The first ones I looked up were the ORVW 10 and 15 107's which were 92 and 93 respectively, if memory serves. But, the shocker of it all was the rating this guy gave the PVW20, a 79!!!! And, the PVW23 he gave a 88. Also, the Lot B he gave an 80 saying the smell gave it a bad rating.

Ridiculous. For the most part, it seemed like the guy wrote this little book disliked the VW name. I believe the author's name is Jim Murray.

Does anybody know anything about this book and/or author and why he may not like VW products other than taste?