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    What makes (or always has made) Bourbon such a unique drink to you?

    Compared to other liquors you also admire and are a regular drinker of, what (seriously or humorously) makes Bourbon such a great, unique alcohol to you (whether drunk on it's own, or mixed with something else).

    If this has been discussed here before, please give links to any still working threads if possible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frank80
    If this has been discussed here before, please give links to any still working threads if possible.
    Page down. The website has already done it for you. There may be others, but I recall those threads covering basically the territory you are asking about.

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    I don't drink anything else regularly. I drink red wine on the occasion, but as a rule it's bourbon or nothing....sometimes mixed, sometimes straight, depending on what bourbon I'm drinking. I just love the stuff, now just to drink but also as a hobby. (Collecting)
    When I first started drinking bourbon, it was Jim Beam white, now I can't stand the stuff!
    "I feel sorry for people who don't drink. When they wake up in the morning, that's as good as they're going to feel all day" - Frank Sinatra

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    History. Good old American history.

    Same thing that makes the American Pit Bull Terrier the greatest dog in the world.

    And stone ground hickory cane cornmeal an essential part of the well stocked pantry.

    "This is the real article. It is double-rectified busthead from Madison County, aged in the keg. A little spoonful would do you a power of good."

    -True Grit by Charles Portis

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    I drink bourbon because it's 100% American (and I also like it). I do not drink Scotch. Any Scotch. My music of choice is Bluegrass, also 100% American . I drink red wines at times but also prefer them to be American . What can I say? I'm proud to be an American.
    Colonel Joseph B. "Bourbon Joe" Koch

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    I tried bourbon and fell in love. At that point I figured that it was hopeless, I am as American as it gets. I AM the sterotype for a redneck. I have a basset hound, am in the military, drink bourbon, listen to bluegrass, grew up on a farm, the list goes on and on...

    From my early teens I tried to break away from my heritage and get far away from what my parents are, but as time goes on (I am young in comparison to most here) I find myself embracing more and more my roots. I love being country, and enjoy everything about it. Bourbon and all.

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    For me itís simply the taste, I like it far better than anything else that Iíve tried. Itís also the only liquor that I havenít gotten sick of.

    "I've had eighteen straight whiskies, I think that's the record . . ." - Dylan Thomas

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    1) Extreme wood notes in the whiskey compared to other whiskies such as Scotch or Cdn. More beligerent flavours also, but with pretty impressive variation.

    2) No additives. Scotch and Irish usually use E150 or liquid caramel to ensure consistent color in the whisk(e)y, and in my experiance this influances the taste of the whisky. Cdn whisky can add 9.09% of anything in their bottles - I don't think at this level it should be allowed to be bottled as whisky. American straight whiskey cannot have any additives, so I know I'm not getting something doctored up - even the value products on the bottom shelf like JB white are "authentic".

    I really wish we had more bourbon choices up here in Toronto...

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    I got hooked on bourbon last year when I made my first trip to Louisville on business. I tried the VW 20-year at Maker's Mark Tavern in downtown Louisville, and was hopelessly hooked. This started my journey of tasting different bourbons, and giving up on vodka!

    Prior to starting my bourbon journey, I was into vodka and tequila. I still will imbibe in them when I can't find any good bourbon, but I find myself returning to this wonderful elixir.

    I find bourbons quite expressive. I particularly like the caramel tones, and I love the nose. I am partial to wheated bourbons, but will drink any. Each bourbon is quite distinctive.

    I also find that after my first visit to a barrel warehouse, I found myself enticed by the odor - ah, the angel's share!

    It's truly a lovely drink.
    Mmm, dat's good!
    Pappy's Friend

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    Quite simply, it's the taste for me. I thoroughly enjoy the interplay of caramel, toffee, and oak in various proportions.




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