Well, as I've watched my post numbers count down toward 3,000 -- and realizing that only Chuck, Gary and Jeff (whose profile remains a well-guarded secret) heretofore have attained, though without my garrulousness, that lofty number -- I've pondered how appropriately to mark such an occasion. I cannot. The best I can do is break out my best open bottle (and, pending future openings, perhaps my best, period!), which existence has been heretofore only hinted at to those who haven't tasted from it -- a barrel-proof example of Pappy bourbon obtained in a trade last year with Preston Van Winkle in exchange for a '50s-vintage Very Old Fitzgerald:
Pappy 21 label.jpg Pappy bottle_glass.jpg Pappy salute.jpg
DSP-KY-16; barreled on June 20, 1985; bottled September 2006 at 21 years, 2+ months; 115.108 proof

Well, who knows, I may never get to 3,000, so I've decided to jump the gun and drink to y'all tonight.
To Dave and Jim Butler, the founders and keepers of this worldwide community of bourbonians; to the bourbon makers and bottlers, past and present, without whom we would be diminished by the absence of a lubricant of our conviviality; and, especially, to my friends -- virtual, potential, and actual -- who have become too numerous for me to begin mentioning for fear of omitting someone undeserving of omission: to us, in awareness and gratitude that our interaction is in furtherance and celebration of good and well-lived society. Cheers!