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    Re: My Salute to you, StraightBourbon.com

    Tim that was inspiring. Wanting to join in your toast and looking for something approiate I finally opened a bottle of Old Fitzgerald that was bottled in 1984. That was the year one of our local merchants opened his liquor store and it was the last bottle of his early stock. Failing health caused his retirement but before closing he took me into the back, unlocked a closet and handed me the last link to the store's founding. After telling me the whole story he said, "I've been saving this for somebody who would appreciate it". Then he insisted I pay the original sticker price.

    So I raise a glass in return and offer a solid handshake to Jim Butler for hosting a party of this size. It takes a lot of work and dedication to make sure things run smoothly so the guests can just relax and enjoy themselves.


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    Re: My Salute to you, StraightBourbon.com

    Just starting out here, so I propose a toast to my 'elders'.
    "When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro"

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    Re: My Salute to you, StraightBourbon.com

    Congrat's to all of our 000's posters. Your contributions should be recognized.

    Many thanks to Jim and Dave for making all this possible. They've created a place for us to socialize and find others who enjoy tasting and collecting our favorite spirit.
    Dave G.

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    Re: My Salute to you, StraightBourbon.com

    Thanks Dave. My thanks to Jim and Dave Butler are always implied and made express on occasion, sometimes on the board, sometimes (in different ways) off. But it can never be said too many times and Bettye Jo's reminder is salutary.




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