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Thread: Cask Strength

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    Re: Cask Strength

    Its like my mom always said, it is what is on the inside that counts...

    Iin this case, its what in the bottle .... close enough for me

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    Re: Cask Strength

    As per your recommendations I'm drinking my a'bundach neat with a slight splash of H20. Very nice. Much sweeter this way I must say. Soon I'll be trying the same with my Talisker 18, I'm really looking forward to that one tonight.
    Whisk(e)y - a bargain at any price !!!

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    Re: Cask Strength

    One of the nicest CS whiskeys I have ever had was a Blackadder bottling of Highland Park, something like 13 years old and bottled completely unfiltered - including a dash of cask sediment.

    I like CS expressions in general when a) I can find them and b) I can afford them, because they can be tailored to the situation. Sometimes I find a small sip of it neat is lovely, others I splash just a drop or two of water to break up the oils and release the aromatics. However, I suppose the "big win" is, if you're used to drinking your whiskey at a given proof, it is easy to dilute CS down to that level because it's literally 'whiskey concentrate' in some cases. It also fits in with a philosophy that I've seen expressed by both Pappy Van Winkle and Parker Beam: it makes little sense to bottle and ship water as opposed to whiskey. Obtain it at cask strength and add the water right before drinking; it's more flavorful that way (the subtle aromatics won't have escaped yet) and you've bought whiskey rather than water.

    Mitchshrader gave a strong recommendation for Macallan Cask, and it's one I easily second. There is no age statement, and I would tend to believe it falls somewhere between 8-10 years. It is not artificially colored and it is not chill-filtered. It is, however, overwhelmingly inexpensive considering that you can use it as a base to dilute it down to, say, 86 proof. Here in the Chicago area a bottle of Macallan Cask goes for about $70 - less than their older, lower-proof expressions. That's what makes me suspect that the whiskey in that neatly-shaped flask is younger than we might think.



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