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Thread: Bulliet Bourbon

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    Re: Bulliet Bourbon

    Quote Originally Posted by cousin it View Post
    Kentuckians are notorious for corrupting words, hence Versailles Ky(pronounced vur-sales)
    The same thing happens in Illinois: Marseilles (mar-SALES), Joliet (JO-lee-ette), Des Plaines (Dess Planes), San Jose (Sann Joe's) are just a few examples.

    Go north to Wisconsin... well, there's a whole web site with audio clips, devoted to pronouncing Wisconsin place names. You, too, can learn to pronounce Oconomowoc, Weyauwega, and Mequon.
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    Re: Bulliet Bourbon

    Quote Originally Posted by cowdery View Post
    Bulleit Bourbon is named for Tom Bulleit, who started it, not in the mists of legend but about ten years ago.
    Heck of a nice guy he is too!

    I was not overly impressed when I first tasted Bulleit, but on my trip to Kentucky I drank a lot of it and found it very good, a bargain I would say. It is, after all, Four Roses distilled bourbon and the similarities are very apparent.

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