A while back I took a walk again through what is left of Kinseys Distillery and found some thngs that prove to me that Continental Distilling Owned American Distillery in Pekin for a few years and sold it when they left the Whiskey Bussiness. First I saw old rotten Whiskey case that said Guckenheimer Whiskey Distilled at DSP #1 Phila Bottled at DSP #12 which was Linfield also I found a old Rotten label for Old Colony Gin that said Distilled at #2 Pekin IL bottled at DSP #12 Linfield and said on the label American Distilling Linfield Pa. Also the fact I found out they had a bottling house in Lemont IL makes it even more likely. Also I found a destroyed Whiskey case that says on its side American Distilling Company Linfield pa. And they sold all their Whiskey bussinesses in 1980 and started to do just Alcohol chemicial Products and I read on the web that the present Owners of what was American Distilling bought it in early 1980. Also I have Stillbrook Corn whiskey Bottle that says Distilled In IL By Dsp no. 2 Pekin IL Bottled by American Distillers Company Linfield Pa and the old American brand MidWest Corn whiskey Bottle I have says Distilled by Contiental Distilling Corp Phila Pa. So it looks to me that Publicker bought and owned American Distilling for a while which is something I never knew even though having worked there as a Kid in 1966. I have decided that when my days come to an end to give my large Publicker / Continental Distilling Collection to the Getz and Have told them so and informed my Sister that is my wish I have enough stuff that they could have a spot just for it having collected it for many years. One thing I have that I really Like is my 100 gal Whiskey Barrel Head it has Corn whiskey on the top and a ready date of 1981 they quit that Bussiness in 1979 so it is one of the last barrels they ever distilled. I am feeling a bit better lately having been sick for 6 months and losing 40 pounds.