Any member of who has been enjoying the fruits of bourbon whiskey for any amount of time has surely noticed a shift in product selection on the shelf of your favorite liquor store. Where once the selection consisted primarily of "house brands", Jim Beam, Ancient Age, Wild Turkey, etc., now, from these same distilleries, we are offered a plethora of fine single-barrel and small-batch bottlings. Higher quality products, with higher prices to boot. Many credit Jim Beam with starting this frenzy, with the release of the Small Batch collection. But let's look a little further back to the advent of the first single barrel bourbon on the market, and this month's BOTM, Blanton's.

Created by Elmer T. Lee in honor of Col. Albert Blanton, Blanton's is true bourbon royalty. Well-balanced and full-flavored, the bourbon is quite deserving of it's elaborate packaging. Another, or rather the first, fine offering from the great folks at Buffalo Trace. Let's share a drink of Blanton's, the bourbon that started it all.

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