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    DFS @ Ohare Chicago?

    Can anyone tell me if there is a DFS at Ohare in Chicago?
    I'm still looking for Wild Turkey Heritage, and I'm hoping it is still around. The person that is travelling is also going to NY and Vegas.....is there a DFS at JFK?

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: DFS @ Ohare Chicago?


    Dunno about Chicago, but I know there's a DFS at JFK. It's been a couple of years since I flew out of JFK but on a business trip to the UK and Germany I flew from Washington Dulles to JFK. While on layover I poked around the DFS although it escapes where exactly it is at. If your friend has time, they should visit LeNell's in Brooklyn, 416 Van Brunt Street b/t Coffey & Van Dyke. She's got a great selection of Bourbon's.
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    Unhappy Re: DFS @ Ohare Chicago?

    I visited the DFS at O'Hare a couple of days ago. They offered Wild Turkey 101 - 8 Years Old (price about $20.00 for one liter), but no Heritage. They also had some Knob Creek and I think some Woodford Reserve.

    The attendant told me they required showing an overseas (or at least an international) boarding pass to buy anything. I had none. Sad.

    Best wishes.

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    Re: DFS @ Ohare Chicago?

    Not sure about O'hare either. DFS at LAX had the WT Heritage, it was yummy.
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