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Thread: Rum cocktails

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    Lightbulb Rum cocktails

    I've had a couple of Chinese Cocktails tonight. Although I'm not so sure what's so Chinese about them, they sure are tasty... I used Appleton Special rum, Luxardo Triplum instead of curaçao, Luxardo maraschino, Fee Bros. old-fashioned bitters, and Stirrings grenadine [1]. For lack of lemons, I omitted the lemon twist.

    The result was smoky-sweet, with the pomegranate flavor from the grenadine hovering in the background, and the liqueurs harmonizing perfectly.

    Does anyone else have any suggestions for rum-based drinks?

    [1] I won't even touch Rose's or Collins so-called grenadine...
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    Re: Rum cocktails

    Mojito's are my summer favorite.

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    Re: Rum cocktails

    Quote Originally Posted by CrispyCritter View Post
    Does anyone else have any suggestions for rum-based drinks?

    Caipirinhas is my favorite rum-based drink, made with the Brazilian rum Cachaca.

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    Lightbulb Re: Rum cocktails

    My favorite rum cocktail is not a true cocktail, but it is simple and good, although it can take just a bit to get used to. The Hemingway Daquiri is not just named for Ernest Hemingway, it was actually a favorite of his.

    1 large glass full of crushed ice
    1 large shot (about 2 oz) of good rum
    Juice of 1/2 fresh lime

    That's it. I like it with something along of Mt Gay Eclipse rum from Barbados, which is not too sweet but you get a fairly full sugar cane flavor.

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    Re: Rum cocktails

    In my younger days I drank something very similar.

    Substitute a squeeze of lemon for the lime. Oh, and substitute Bacardi for the "good rum".

    Next time I'm near rum I'll try Papa's version.

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    Yours truly,
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    Re: Rum cocktails

    I've seen many recipes for the Papa Doble...the one thing they mostly have in common is that they are not blended daquiris...just either up or rocks...I prefer mine with a squeeze of lime and a teaspoon of sugar...and a double pour of rum
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    Re: Rum cocktails

    The Bali Hai Mai Tai:

    Lowball glass filled to rim with very finely crushed ice:

    Add 1/2oz almond liquer
    add 1/2oz simple sugar
    fill to 3/4 way up with light rum (I prefer 10 cane)
    finish off w/ dark rum, Coruba or Meyer's

    mix with bar spoon, garnish w/ cherry & pineapple wedge.

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    Re: Rum cocktails

    Don't forget the Dark and Stormy - Gosling's Black Seal and Ginger beer.

    Planter's punch is another good dark rum recipe:

    1 part dark rum
    1/2 part orgeat syrup
    2 parts orange juice
    1 part pineapple juice

    And my home-made punch:

    1 shot rum
    3 oz orange-pineapple-banana juice
    fill glass with cold grapefruit soda

    Easy to make a punchbowl full, just pour in a 64 oz carton of the juice, a 2 ltr bottle of Squirt or other Grapefruit soda and rum - I usually add a cup and a half, more or less. Float some sliced strawberries, one sliced orange and/or one sliced lemon in the punch bowl.
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    Re: Rum cocktails

    Simple rum and coke is always a favorite... but here is more than you could make is a long evening:


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    Re: Rum cocktails

    Funny that this thread was pulled out of its slumber yesterday, as just Friday night I was goofing around with some rum.

    I was working on versions of a Rickey (spirit, lime, sugar). It seems many famous rum drinks are slight manipulations of a Rickey, usually with the addition of a fruit juice or maybe a liqueur. In fact, Tim's recipe of the Hemingway Daiquiri is really just a famous name on a Rum Rickey.

    I had both Myer's Dark and a generic amber rum on hand. I found I like dark rum tempered with some of the amber in this drink (as most rum cocktails choose to do). To play up the molasses angle, I used 1/2 of the sweetener as brown sugar and 1/2 white sugar. Here was the mix I preferred:

    3/4 ounce Myer's Dark Rum
    3/4 ounce amber Rum
    2/3 tsp brown sugar
    2/3 tsp white sugar
    splash of water
    cherry to garnish

    As is my custom, I shook the bejeezus out of the mixture in a shaker to chill and froth the drink.

    This base seemed to substitute the water with a splash of pretty much any fruit juice well. I tried and liked it with orange, lemon and peach. Adding coconut and/or pineapple juices pretty much would land you on famous tiki drinks.




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