I heard today that some more whiskey price increases are coming to Ohio on Aug. 1st. Prime examples: JD black 1L and 1.75L up 1.00, Beams choice 750 up 2.00, Jim Beam black 750 up 1.65, Jim Beam white 1.75L up 3.20. These come on the heels of recent increases for Makers Mark, Buffalo Trace, Eagle Rare SB, Dickel barrel select and #12 as well as Wild Turkey. In the case of the Jim Beam 1.75L bottles, there is now only a 7.00 difference between the white and black labels whereas at the beginning of 2007 it was almost 11.00. With the price increase of the Beam black 750, there is now nearly a 6.50 spread between the black and white label, up from only 3.50 a year ago. I will definitely be buying the black label in 1.75's if I ever buy any Beam again. I'm certainly glad I have been accumulating bottle in recent years!