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    Re: Binny's Hand-Picked Recommendations?

    A while back, I had a 20yo Highland Park, bottled by Signatory, that was a Binny's selection. It wasn't quite the same as any OB versions I have tried, but I could nonetheless recognize it as a Highland Park. I liked it well enough that I bought (and drank) a second bottle of it.

    Back on the bourbon side, I've never been disappointed by any of the Binny's picks of various BT products.
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    Re: Binny's Hand-Picked Recommendations?

    I bought a bottle of Signatory 10yr. Edradour from Binny's a year or so ago and it is a very good SMS. This particular one was age in sherry barrels and ran about 50.00. I have also had a bottle of Binny's hand picked Weller Antique and it was quite good!




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