As Linn has alerted us all, Buffalo Trace and Van WInkle have joined forces to provide what they call "the largest portfolio of critically acclaimed bourbons and ryes." BT will distill, age, bottle, and sell the Van Winkle family of products. That is good news for us because it assures a source of supply long term for these super-premium bourbons and whiskeys.

The arrangement allows Julian to focus on marketing and sales for the brands that carry his family name.

Linn wrote that BT has been distilling and now owns the Weller brands. There is great significance in this since Weller is the brand once overseen by Pappy Van Winkle, Julian's grandfather, at Stitzel-Weller distillery. If you don't own Sally Van-Winkle Campbell's book, "But Always Fine Bourbon," it is truly your mistake as this is a wonderful recount of the earlier years in the bourbon industry and the family history. You can fix that by ordering this great book today online.

We can also hope that this will broaden the distribution of some of the Van Winkle products. If you don't own any of them that is another major mistake for bourbon lovers.

I add my congratulations to Julian as well as to Mark Brown, Pres. and CEO of BT, for what looks to be a great arrangement for the industry and for bourbon drinkers!

Greg Kitzmiller