I stopped by Toddy's last night to pick up some pourer's for the sample bottles to be used during the tasting.

I invited Guthrie to our tasting and started checking to see what he had on the shelf...He's well stocked with everything. I made a check list of all the stuff that folks ask for and he had it on the shelf! He also mentioned that he would have the new bottling for Rutledge. He asked me if I wanted one...

The barrel that he bought is there...a stack of cases as high as me!...I think it was 125 proof. He said if folks bought three the price would be $25 each...

Sooooooooooooooooo...Guthrie is well prepared

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I have at least 1 up my sleeve at this point Bettye Jo.
I will find out tomorrow if I will get the other 2 I am chasing.

Many thanks to .......you know who you are!