Well, my original post about cracked bottles is locked because of it's age so I guess I'll start another. Long story short, a bottle I have has a fine (1" - 1.5") crack in the middle of it. I doubt it's possible but after much inspection it doesn't look like the crack goes all the way through the thickness of the glass but assuming it does go all the way through I was wondering what I should do because I didn't want to open this one for a while. Would it make a difference if I opened it now and poured it through a coffee filter (would this even get the small particles out of it?) or if I opened the bottle sometime down the road and filtered then (assuming the crack doesn't get bigger, it shouldn't)? If it makes any difference, the crack is above the fill level of the bourbon. Maybe I'll add a pic when I get home but I couldn't get a good one to take last night. As with last time, any input would be appreciated!