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Thread: State laws

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    Re: State laws

    Chuck's right.

    I go to SLC about once a month on business. Any place I've gone there that has a full bar will have table placards or price sheets on the table. If you consider using brand logos and signature cocktails for the featured spirits portrayed brightly on the placards as advertising, then yes, they allow advertising.

    It's not that alcohol is secretive, it's that there are so many convoluted rules surrounding the alcohol. At the brewpub I often go to, you have to declare whether you are going to eat a meal or not, and they'll seat you accordingly. Diners sit in the 'restaurant,' which has a full bar, others sit in the 'tavern' where you are not required to order a meal, but you are only served beer and wine. I was told that technically their establishment is two businesses, with a shared kitchen, and seating separated by an aisle.


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    Re: State laws

    Quote Originally Posted by cowdery View Post
    ... We're lucky in Illinois, which is among the most enlightened in terms of beverage alcohol regulation...
    "State Sovereignty, National Union."

    Hip hip hurray! Hip hip Hurray!!

    In all seriousness, I do consider myself lucky to have been born and raised here. (not just because of the alcohol issue) I remember shortly after turning 21 I had it explained to me that Iowa was a control state and what that meant. Then I found out how bad other states have it.



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