I have some more information about Dickel being bottled in Indiana, courtesy of Mike Veach. It seems that the Lawrenceburg, Indiana facility is not now owned by Diageo. It was purchased by a group of investors headed by John Allison, who was General Manager of Stitzel-Weller under Guinness, until it was closed. (Well, not entirely closed. Mike tells me there is still whiskey in the warehouses, and employees on hand to see to it.)

Allison et. al. have established an independent bottling operation at the Indiana plant. They bottle all of the 750 and larger bottles for Diegeo, but do not have the facilities for the smaller bottles, so Diageo sends those to their facility in Canada. That is why you see the 375 and 50 ml bottles with the Canadian label.

Barton was bottling Dickel for Diageo.

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