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    Re: On Lots of Rocks

    Quote Originally Posted by pausted View Post
    As we speak, I am enjoying some Old Fitz BIB from SW. The bottom of the bottle says 1988. I know I should probably drink this neat but I like cold whiskey Maybe the freezer?

    A short story: I was in a store a few weeks ago and noticed a row of green label Old Fitz BIB behind the counter where the check out was. I asked the young lady to let me see a bottle. Sure enough, DSP 16. They were 200 ml bottles at $3.79 each. She had 12 bottles. I took them all. My math says $18.95 a liter. Not bad and she gave me a 10% discount for buying them all!
    I had the same exerpience about 2 months ago. Except my bottles varied in size from 375ml, 500ml, 750ml, 1L and 1.75L. It was quite a haul.
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    Cool Re: On Lots of Rocks

    I just got home from work. It is 103 F, here (something else in C). I thought I'd have the WTRB on the rocks, but I discovered that there is currently no open bottle of it. So, I did it with Elmer T. Lee, instead. It is wonderful - sweet and caramel-ly!

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    Re: On Lots of Rocks

    I have a friend who drinks his scotch with crushed ice. Tried it with bourbon and find it quite enjoyable........

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    Re: On Lots of Rocks

    Bourbon on crushed ice is called a Bourbon Mist.
    I don't care for cocktails and when not drinking it straight this is how I drink it.

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    Re: On Lots of Rocks

    Tonight it was Buffalo Trace on the rocks. This is really a fine whiskey. Not quite so hot here today. The storm went in to Corpus Christi, about 150 miles N of us. We got some cloud cover and some showers. Now we wait to see what hurricane Dean is going to do. Think I'll have another BT.



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